Eating the Earth: How should we eat to ensure a sustainable future?

UTSpeaks free public lecture – 6pm 18th February 2009, UTS, Sydney

What do obesity, factory farming, fair trade, peak oil, peak phosphorus and climate change have in common? Why might our ‘pee’ one day be worth its weight in gold? With three expert speakers, this lecture puts our daily dinner table and supermarket choices under the spotlight. It questions the kind of human diet our planet can sustain and looks at how we could reduce demand on global resources, while maintaining a balanced diet and ethical food industry. Finally you’ll hear about the great global phosphorus crisis. Vital to plant and animal growth, the value of this element is sky-rocketing as supply from a few mines world-wide decreases. Our days of peeing phosphorus down the drain and food production processes demanding an excess of phosphorus may soon be costly habits of the past.

Speakers: Professor Stuart White, Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM, Dana Cordell

Download the powerpoint slides and audio recordings here

Watch the ABC Fora film of the lecture: