Announced: 6th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit – Brasilia, Brazil, August 2018

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20-22 August 2018

Cerrado landscape
Photo: Natural Cerrado landscape close to Brasilia

On behalf of the international scientific committee and local organizing committee it is a pleasure for me to announce that the 6th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit (SPS 2018) will be held in Brasilia, Brazil, from 20th to 22nd August, 2018.

SPS 2018 is the sixth of a young and successful series of Sustainable Phosphorus Summits that was launched in Linköping (Sweden) in 2010, and then went to Tempe (USA) in 2011; Sydney (Australia) in 2012; Montpellier (France) in 2014 and Kunming (China) in 2016.

The dynamic and interdisciplinary format of the Summit seeks to bring together diverse science, policy and industry stakeholders from different parts of the food production and consumption chain, to advance knowledge and identify actions regarding the role of phosphorus availability and accessibility in food security and agriculture, protecting the environment, and supporting rural and urban livelihoods.

SPS 2018 will bring together scientists and stakeholders from across the globe, including developing and emerging countries, to foster exchange of views across disciplinary boundaries and societal domains. In order to better improve phosphorus use efficiency along the whole food chain, growing public awareness and re-thinking education and learning on this major issue will also be key. Participatory research and co-learning will thus be central in this event.

For the first time, the Summit will be held in Latin America, enabling a spotlight on the Tropics, where phosphorus sustainability is a big concern. While significant progress on phosphorus sustainability has been made in Europe and North America, SPS 2018 will also explicitly focus on regional challenges and opportunities in Latin America, Africa, Asia & the Pacific.

SPS 2018 will take place immediately after the 21st World Congress of Soil Science (Rio de Janeiro from 12th – 17th August 2018) where the sustainable use of soils, including phosphorus fertilization, will be the primary focus. You will therefore have the opportunity to attend both events.

Photo: Aerial view of Brasilia

The location of the Summit, Brasilia, is the capital of Brazil: head office of the federal district government with a high quality of life. The capital is located in the Center West of the country, known as Central Plateau.

Brasilia is a distinguished city. The architecture, unique in the world, makes the city one of the largest open-air collections of modern architecture. An extraordinary project that gave the pilot plan of Brasilia the status of World Patrimony of Humanity. The city has numerous tourist attractions, such as the JK Bridge, Three Power Square, Planalto and Alvorada Palace, Paranoá Lake, Brasilia Cathedral, Federal Supreme Court, Museums, Ministries, 84 Embassies, Parks, among many other attractions.

Brasilia is surrounded by an expressive agricultural area where different crops are cultivated. It is a good example of agriculture in Cerrado and offers the opportunity for after-meeting technical trips.

animal 1animal 4When it comes to congress and meetings, Brazil is the ideal place excellent infrastructure, cutting-edge scientific research, and, a multi-cultural and ethnically diverse population. Finally, Brazil’s large territory comprises diverse ecosystems, a rich habitat for many animals and plant species.

SPS 2018 will be hosted by Embrapa, Brazil’s national agricultural research corporation, within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.

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Join the Summit and come visit us!

Look forward to see you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Vinicius de Melo Benites
Chair-Organizing Committee

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